About Nira

Established in 2017, our company is one of the few companies in Iran which manufactures fiber optic cables and accessories. Moreover, we produce copper network cables and accessories in order to satisfy different types of our customers' needs.

Using a complete range of testing equipment in 3 separate laboratories, our technicians and experts monitor all production steps to meet international standards such as IEC standard.

Our Vision

By increasing our production capacity, we intend to expand our business overseas and build strong relationships with foreign telecom and IT companies.

Our Advantages

  • - 3 Laboratories equipped with professional testing equipment
  • - Production of cable drums inside our factory
  • - The whole packaging process takes place inside our factory
  • - Accommodation facilities for our customers and QC telecom inspectors

Our Departments

1. Production of Fiber Optic Cables
  FTTH / Indoor / Outdoor

2. Production of Telephone Cables

3. Production of Copper Network Cables

4. Production of Power Cables

5. Production of Fiber Optic Accessories
  Patch Cords / Pigtails

6. Production of Other Fiber Optic Equipment
  Racks / Joint Enclosures / Distribution Boxes

7. Packaging, Warehouse & Distribution Center

8. Laboratories
  - Polymer Testing Lab
  - Mechanical Testing Lab
  - Fiber Optic Lab
9. QC Department
  - Checking and testing raw materials
  - Monitoring production process
  - Checking and testing final products

Accommodation Facilities

Our accommodation facilities enable our customers and QC telecom inspectors to stay in our factory and monitor all production steps.


Address: No. 203, Kargar Street, Tose’eh 5 Street, 3rd KM of Salafchegan-Isfahan Road, Salafchegan Special Economic Zone (QSSEZ), Qom, Iran

Contact information

Tel : +982173065111 - 112
Email : info[at]niraprod.com

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